Madi Maple: Confidence Queen

Confidence coach, Model, and Podcast Host Madi Maple is the best friend you always wanted. She uses her platform to give advice about social media and relationships. Her bio says “Helping you break free from self doubt & manifest the life you truly desire.  

When she isn’t writing, recording and editing her podcast she is creating E-workbooks that are extremely clever and powerful. 

Madi is intelligent, passionate, hardworking and friendly. She is eager to lift everyone up and hold a space for them to learn and grow. She is truly an Alpha female. So naturally I was eager to ask her questions about style and confidence. 

@yourgraceisdivine: Let’s begin by talking about how confidence relate to clothing. Can the right outfit give you confidence?

@MadiMaple: I believe that confidence comes from true authenticity, true expression! So choosing to wear clothing that expresses who I am is one of my favorite ways to build & radiate my confidence. When I feel good in what I wear, I act different. I’m closer to my highest self in a lot of ways! One of my favorite quotes is, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good!” (I’m pretty sure a football player said this & was talking about playing sports… but same diff) I definitely “play” my best in my life when I look good. And it’s really important to me that I show up as the best me in every single thing I do.

@yourgraceisdivine: What is your favorite accessory?

@MadiMaple: OOOH, this is such a hard question. Ok ok, I can’t pick 1, I have to pick 2. My first one is definitely a backpack. You will never ever ever catch me without a cute little backpack on! Right now I’m using a furry cheetah backpack and I also have one shaped like a bunny that I’m sooo in love with. I feel like a good backpack just completes my look ALWAYS. They’re just SO me. And my second absolute FAV accessory is a choker. For some reason, I feel so damn cute when I have a choker on! I wear one every single day.

@yourgraceisdivine: When do you feel the most confident?

@MadiMaple: I feel the most confident when I’m at a photoshoot! Modeling is one of my biggest passions and nothing in this world makes me feel more confident. There’s something about being all dressed up and looking my best and being in front of the camera, dancing around! I feel so on top of the world.

@yourgraceisdivine: When you are lacking confidence what do you do to get back in your zone?

@MadiMaple: When I lack confidence, I do a number of different things to get me back up into a high vibe & feeling good. It really just depends on the day or what is causing my lack of confidence! If I’m lacking confidence in my image, always showering & getting all dolled up and taking selfies! If I’m lacking confidence in my abilities, I write lists of everything I’ve accomplished and everything I love about myself. I also do a lot of anchoring, so visualizing a time when I was my most confident self! Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a visualization and real life, so the more you imagine yourself as a confident person, the more your brain is going to aid you in actually becoming confident! Also, just looking at the positives in general. Our brain likes to pick out negative things to try to keep us safe, but choosing to let go of thoughts of negativity and focus on all that we have and all that we are can change your whole perspective about yourself and this world!

@yourgraceisdivine: Who is your confidence Icon?

@MadiMaple: Nikita Dragun 1000%. Her confidence is unmatched in my eyes. Her outfits and her content and the way she holds herself will always be an inspiration to me. Being authentic and not giving a f*ck what anyone thinks or says. Just living out her FULL dream & fantasy. That’s what this life is about.

@yourgraceisdivine: Describe your personal style.

@MadiMaple: Ahhh oh my god. ALSO a very hard question. I feel like I have sooo many styles and that’s kind of what I love about my style! I like to try and pull off all different vibes & experience different styles and personas almost. One day I will be wearing all black, one day pink fluff and glitter. One day I will be in the baggiest sweats and no make up, the next day I will be wearing a mini sundress with a full face of makeup. I think I like that I can express myself based off of my mood and what I desire to wear instead of having one specific style. No matter what though, I always like to stand out and be different & unique. I always went against trends. In school, I always strived to be the one girl that was wearing something… just different from everyone else! But, that being said, lately I just like to be COMFY. Comfy, comfy, comfy. Especially working at home full time now, I’m usually wearing a hoodie or nothing at all haha!